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A proper emergency exit system is very vital for crowded premises such as business enterprises, public buildings, and shopping complexes that may face any unexpected fire explosions or any other emergency situations.  To establish appropriate security feature in such crowded areas during emergencies, it is necessary to install panic or push bars to facilitate the easy exit of people. Lock Safe Services is one name that stands as the best in Overland Park, KS area for any kind of locksmith services from repairing locks to installing push bars.

How push bars work?

Lock Safe Services Overland Park, KS 913-364-2668A push bar helps in easy opening of doors to enable people to move out of a facility in case of an emergency. It is installed on the inner side of the door and has spring-loaded bars that are fixed horizontally on the door. During any emergency, just a simple push to this bar is enough to activate and open the door outward, enabling easy and quick exit of the people.

An emergency situation will definitely make people panic and cause them to run in search of an exit door. So it may be difficult to handle a common knob or key system in a door. Hence, it is necessary to provide a simple means of opening the door in such instances. The quick mechanism of push bars makes it an ideal choice for hassle-free exit.

How secure are push bars against break-ins?

Push bars are very safe to use and are operated only from the inside. People have a misconception that these systems may allow any unauthorized access from outside easily. If you thought so too, then you’ve got the notion completely wrong. Push bars are designed only to be opened from inside and it remains locked for any intruders from outside. If you have any further questions on push bars, you can contact Lock Safe Services, and our security experts will help you installing the right push bar for your premises, that offers seamless exit functionality and are very tough and resilient from outside.

Our service availability:

Lock Safe Services is always known to provide high-quality service and products. Our professional locksmiths can get your building setup with the right push bars that provide high-end security and ample safety. We also provide regular maintenance of the products installed throughout the Overland Park, KS area.

Planning to install emergency exit locks for your building? Call Lock Safe Services for all push bars-related services!